Company Profile

  TIPTOP Tianlinggao Group was established in 2001 and is the earliest company in China to produce elbow joint fixtures and three-dimensional flexible combination fixture systems. It has been engaged in the fixture industry for many years and is deeply aware of the importance of fixtures for product quality and cost in the industry. The company established Shenzhen 3D Flexible Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. in 2016, focusing on the company's 3D flexible modular fixture system, welding fixtures, and welding automation equipment.

  After years of accumulation, the company has developed a reserve of more than ten series of standard fixture products and gradually pushed them to the market, providing selection of standard parts and module products for the industry when designing and manufacturing fixtures. Improve the efficiency of fixture manufacturing. The products have been exported to the demanding and rigorous equipment markets in Germany and Europe, competing with world-class peers.

  The 3D flexible hole system process equipment is widely used in welding and assembly processes of various steel structures, engineering machinery manufacturing, pressure vessels, building frames, automotive industry, bicycle (motorcycle) manufacturing, sheet metal processing, metal furniture, industrial pipelines (flanges), robot technology, and equipment assembly and testing equipment. The company meets the needs of customers in various industries and industrial development with leading technology, high-quality products, high-quality services, and honest management.

  At the same time as the company develops, it continuously develops new products, and the product technology and quality have been highly recognized by domestic and foreign customers. It has established long-term friendly and stable cooperative relationships with many well-known large manufacturing enterprises both domestically and internationally.

  Corporate Culture

  1、 Vision

  Continuously creating a more comfortable working and learning environment for employees,

  2、 Mission

  Focus on the challenges and pressures that customers are concerned about, provide competitive automation equipment and production efficiency solutions and services, and continuously create maximum value for customers.

  3、 Core values

  The core values of the company are the core beliefs rooted in our hearts, the internal driving force behind the company's journey to today, and our shared commitment to the future. It ensures that we provide effective services to customers in a consistent manner, achieving our vision of creating a more comfortable work and learning environment for people. 4、 Achieve customers

  Serving customers is the only reason for Tianlinggao's existence, and customer needs are the driving force for the company's development. We adhere to customer-centric approach, respond quickly to customer needs, and continuously create long-term value for customers to achieve success. Providing effective services to customers is the direction of our work and the benchmark for value evaluation. Achieving customers is achieving ourselves.

  5、 Hard Struggle

  We have no scarce resources to rely on, and only through hard work can we win the respect and trust of our customers. Struggle is reflected in any small activity that creates value for customers, as well as the efforts made to enrich and improve oneself in the preparation process of labor. We adhere to putting the strivers first and ensuring that they receive reasonable rewards.

  6、 Self criticism

  The purpose of self-criticism is to continuously progress and improve, rather than self negation. Only by persisting in self-criticism can we listen, develop, and continuously surpass others, making it easier to respect and cooperate with others, and achieving the common development of customers, companies, teams, and individuals. Criticism is the key to learning and improvement. Only then can there be the driving force for the construction of a learning organization. A learning team will not fall behind.

  7、 Pioneering and enterprising

  In order to better meet customer needs, we are proactive and brave in exploring, adhering to openness and innovation. Any advanced technology, product, solution, and business management can only generate value when transformed into commercial success. We adhere to customer-oriented approach and continuously innovate around customer needs.

  8、 Sincere and trustworthy

  Only when we are open and sincere in our hearts can we always do what we say and keep our promises. Integrity is our most important intangible asset, and Tianlinggao adheres to winning customers with integrity.

  9、 Teamwork

  Victory leads to a toast, defeat leads to a desperate attempt to save each other. Teamwork is not only a cross-cultural spirit of group collaboration, but also a powerful guarantee for breaking departmental walls and improving process efficiency.

  10、 Our Faith:

  Company belief: TIPTOP will become the best tooling and industrial automation brand in China and even globally.

  Team Faith: We firmly believe that we can unite as one, and we are even more confident that we can achieve our goals.

  Personal belief: We will definitely become a person of integrity, mutual trust, and confidence.

  Company business philosophy: people-oriented, common development, innovation, integrity, rigor, and efficiency

  People oriented and common development: The company has always emphasized the management concept of people-oriented, emphasizing the creation of opportunities and providing a stage for the development of employees; At the same time, the company and its employees are interdependent: without the efforts of all employees, the company cannot sustain development; If a company cannot sustain its development, it is impossible to provide employees with opportunities for promotion and development. We will strive to further develop the enterprise and make every colleague proud and proud as an employee of Tianlinggao Company. At the same time, we also require every person from Tianling Gaoren to always fulfill their duties and strive to maintain TIPTOP's vibrant, healthy, proactive, mission and sense of responsibility corporate image

  Innovation: "Create", "new", new things, new methods. Innovation refers to the continuous creation of new products and services to meet the needs of customers.

  Integrity: "Honesty" is honest, "trustworthiness" is trustworthy and trustworthy. Integrity refers to being honest, trustworthy, and trustworthy.

  Rigorous: "Strict" is serious and strict, while "sincere" is cautious and cautious. Righteousness refers to doing things seriously, carefully, seriously, and cautiously.

  Efficient: "High" fast and efficient in doing things. Efficiency refers to doing things quickly and efficiently.