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Why choose 3D flexible combination welding fixture

In the manufacturing industry of chassis, cabinets, and metal plates, CNC bending machines and CNC punching machines have made the early parts of this industry very sophisticated, but there is a lack of a more advanced welding platform that can match them in combination welding. The introduction of 3D hole combination welding process equipment precisely fills this gap.

Introduction to the 3D flexible combination fixture module

The three-dimensional flexible combination welding fixture consists of many standardized, serialized, and generalized modules. All modules are linked, fixed, and pressed using locking pins for hole positioning to achieve rapid locking.

Robot flexible automatic welding workstation

With the soaring labor costs of modern welding production and the increasing environmental requirements for welding production, the demand for CNC robot technology and automatic arc welding robot workstations by manufacturers is becoming increasingly urgent.

Application of modular fixtures in flexible manufacturing systems

Combination fixture is a highly standardized, serialized, and universal process equipment. It is a set of pre manufactured standard components and assemblies with different shapes, specifications, sizes, and complete interchangeability, assembled according to the processing requirements of the workpiece.

The versatility and versatility advantages of 3D flexible weldin…

The versatility and versatility advantages of the 3D flexible welding platform Welding fixture platform. The five surfaces of the 3D flexible welding platform are machined with holes with a spacing of 100 * 100, and are engraved with mesh lines.

What are the design requirements for robot welding fixtures?

The robot welding fixture should have the characteristics of quick action and convenient operation, and the operating position should be located in the part that is easy for workers to access and operate. When the fixture is in a clamping state, it should be able to self lock.

Product Introduction to the 3D Combined Fixture System

The three-dimensional modular fixture system has a high-precision hole grid system, which has high accuracy and repeatability. The hole grid system of the 3D flexible welding assembly workbench, welding fixture, and flat plate 3D flexible welding platform is 100 * 100mm, with an aperture of 28mm or 16mm, and can extend in five directions.